With the arrival of new energy, electric vehicle and intelligent networking technology, China - Asia - Pacific automotive industry will accelerate the development of new energy, electric vehicle technology and multi-dimensional lightweight, and apply advanced lightweight materials to achieve the weight reduction of the whole vehicle. This is also the global automotive OEM adjustment of new energy vehicles r & d strategic development and upgrading of the trend. The Chinese government has set standards for auto fuel consumption by 2020, down from 6.9l per 100km in 2015 to 5 liters per 100km. By 2025, the average vehicle weight will fall by 25 %, and new energy vehicles will lose 50 % by 2025. At present, the weight of new energy vehicles is relatively large, and the ratio of energy and specific power is still small. At present, the plastic parts of European and American models account for more than 15 % of the total vehicle weight, and the plastic parts of China only account for 10 % of the total vehicle weight, and China will account for 18 % to 20 % of the total vehicle weight (about 500 kg) by 2025. Automotive new energy, lightweight, intelligent, green manufacturing innovation has become a key issue of the development of new energy vehicles. The key technology research and development of new energy vehicle lightweight manufacturing and vehicle integrated application technology breakthrough requirements are imminent. At present, new energy vehicles have the emerging strategic development priorities of China's national 13th five - year industrial plan. Withand the new deal of new energy automobile industry in China, by 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles is up to 2 million vehicles, and the cumulative production and sales volume exceeds 5 million. The future huge development potential of new energy vehicles, China's independent brand new energy automotive industry development opportunities and challenges coexist. How to explore the innovation of the intelligent, lightweight and electric technology of the next generation of new energy vehicles in China? How to accelerate the development of multi - dimensional lightweight product line in China's new energy vehicles? China - Asia - Pacific new energy vehicle how to cooperate with win - win innovation game?


International Green Automotive Lightweight Technology Alliance (IALTA) is initiated and established by Sino-EU New Energy Intelligent Automobile Industry Association, Auto Plastics and Innovative Materials Committee (APIMC), Germany BMW automobile Co., LTD., European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), CAPAC, Changan Automobile, Beijing Automobile, Faw and Dongfeng Motor. IALTA is a vice-chairman organization initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China to be responsible for automotive lightweight technology and industrial support. It set up in Germany and operates within the framework of the European Cooperation Council, and it is a member institution of the European Federation of Industry and Commerce. IALTA has been committed to the application of new energy vehicle innovation and lightweight technology in the vehicle's modular integration for 15 years. Moreover, it has established several New Energy-Electric Vehicle Innovation Consortium, and they are the New Energy Vehicle Interior and Exterior Decoration System Branch, the New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Branch, the China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association, the Al-Mg Alloy Casting Branch, the New Energy Vehicle Energy Storage System Safety and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Branch and IALTA North American Branch (Preparatory). IALTA's mission is to innovate and develop in coordinating with our members; to accelerate the development and component industry chain cooperation of new energy vehicles and lightweight technology in China, Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region; to comprehensively solve new energy vehicle development and intelligent manufacturing innovation solutions; to assist OEMs to reach mass production of new energy lightweight vehicles that meet international safety, emissions and environmental protection standards; and to promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry. IALTA will represent more than 500 automotive lightweight material manufacturers, OEMs, components and members of the entire automotive industry chain, a non-profit international industry promotion organization that fulfills their legitimate rights and interests.
International GREEN Auto Lightweight Technology Alliance
Executive Committee of IALTA:

Our Core Members:
Automotive Product Line-500+ Members, Covering the Entire Lightweight Industry Chain


1. During the meeting, the organizing committee will draw up arrangements for the participants to visit the relevant automotive industry bases, such as Geely Link, Volvo, R & D center and production base.

2. Special forums held concurrently

1) The 7th International Symposium and Special Forum on Automotive Lightweight and Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials Applications

2) The 5th New Energy Vehicle Interior and Exterior Decoration Innovation Seminar and Special Forum

3) Smart Car and Driverless Technology Innovation Seminars and Special Forums

4) International Symposium on New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Innovation Technology

The 6th (2020) IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony

November 26, 2020

Selection and award process:

The 1st IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award was announced on August 31, 2015, Changchun

The 2nd IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award was announced on September 22, 2016, Beijing

The 3rd IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award was announced on October 26, 2017, Changshu

The 4th IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award:

The first batch of awards ceremony was announced on August 22, 2018, Shanghai

The second batch of awards ceremony was announced on October 11, 2018, Liaoyang


The 5th IALTA (China) Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award was announced on December 12, 2019, Hefei

Prize Settings:

□ Lightweight Technology Innovation Award

□ Environmental Protection Technology Product Contribution Award

□ Lightweight Innovation Leader Award

□ Technology Innovation Award for New Energy Vehicle Core Components

□ New Energy and Connected Car Technology Innovation Award


They have been baptism for decades in the automotive industry and in new materials
They are authoritative, professional, responsible and interesting
They have rich experience in the field of automotive lightweight technology and new energy industry

Alexandre Kobuti

BIW Expert/Programs Leader of Tata Technologies

Xiang Wang

General Manager, High Power Welding Sales Headquarters, Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group
Executive Director of IALTA

Hongfu Tian

Deputy Minister of Planning, China FAW Group Corporation
Executive Director of IALTA

Nianju Wang

Vice President of Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd.

Peng He

CFICA Executive Vice President, China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association

Guoming Li

Vice President of Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd.
CFICA Expert Member of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association

Feng Shen

Deputy Vice Director of NIO

Chengguang Tang

Deputy Director of JAC Motors Technology Center and Executive Director of IALTA

shuanghu Li

Technical Manager of Cross-Linking Agent Business Line
Evonik Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Denghong Zhu

Body Structure Lightweight Expert of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile CO., Ltd.

Zhihong Lin

Vice President Of Engineering Institute
Hefei Guoxuan High-tech Power Energy Co., Ltd.

Houguo Lu

Technical Director of Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

Yingdan Zhu

Researcher of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vice Chairman of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association (CFICA)

Mengyang Zhang

Vice President of Kawo Automobile Group

Minghui Liu

Vice President of Xiaopeng Automobile

Haiyin Shen

CEO of Singularity Automotive

Professor Honsheng Tan

Director of Institute of Polymer Composite Materials, Shandong University of Technology
Director of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association (CFICA)

Hongyun Li

Deputy General Manager of AVIC Composites Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association (CFICA)

Professor Kun Fang

Beijing Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Center
Chairman of Beijing Nashengtong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
IALTA Director

Hongfa Xiang

Professor of Hefei University of Technology

Bo Liu

Senior Deputy Chief Engineer of Changan Auchan Automotive Materials & Lightweight
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Mathew Ma

R & D Director of Faurecia China
Vice President of IALTA Interior and exterior Chapter

Sun Jinlin

Vice President of IALTA Interior and exterior Chapter
President of Zhejiang Fansheng Microfiber Products Co., Ltd.

Ruilin Tang

Chairman of IALTA Technical Committee
Senior Technical Consultant, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
Executive Director of IALTA

Meicong Yan

Chairman of Huizhou Hailong Mould Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
IALTA Executive Director
Executive Vice President of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association (CFICA)

Lianghua Zhang

President of IALTA Interior and exterior Chapter
Vice President of Jiangsu Changshun Group Co., Ltd.

Shujin Shen

Director of Body Engineering
Future Cars (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Professor Liqing Sun

National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles, Beijing Institute of Technology
LALTA Expert Director

Dong Wei

Director of RESS System Center
Beijing Huate Times Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Yuli Tian

Senior Manager of Lightweight Technology
Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
IALTA Expert Director

Kejian Wang

President of Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
Vice President of IALTA

Xiangrong Zhu

Minister of Interior and Exterior Decoration Department of Geely Automobile Research Institute
Executive Director of IALTA

Xiong Fei

General Manager of Suzhou Huate Times Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President of China-Europe Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Association (CFICA)

John Chen

Managing Director Valeo Wiper Systems Asia
Executive Director of IALTA

Tian Yamei

Executive President of China Automotive Industry Corporation
Vice President of IALTA

Wang Xu

Vice President of Beijing Automotive Research Institute
IALTA Executive Chairman
State Council Expert Allowance Winner

Jean-Claude Steinmetz

APIMC Chairman, Director of IALTA


Sponsorship cooperation











2019 Asia New Energy Auto Development and Lightweight Innovation (China) Summit Check-in site

2019 Asia New Energy Auto Development and Lightweight Innovation (China) Summit

2019 IALTA Executive Council Joint Meeting and New Product Line Supporting Conference (Internal Meeting)

2019Awarding ceremony of ialta / cfica Executive Board & lightweight Innovation Award Ceremony

2019 Presentation of awards

2019 Visit Schedule JAC & Nio Assembly Line

The 13th (2019) International Automotive Lightweight Technology and Material Technology Innovation Application Summit Welcome Reception

Panel discussion: New Energy Vehicle Breaks the Breakthrough-"Hardcore Technology" Transformation and Coordinated Development in Asia




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